If you wish to request details of a BRITISH or IRISH clock or watch maker, please Send an email to requests@clockswatches.co.uk .

Please note that research requests will not be undertaken free of charge. If we find any information on the maker you requested then it will  be uploaded to the website and you will have to subscribe to view the information. This nominal fee helps pay for the upkeep of the website.

We will reply to your e-mail as soon as possible, but as this is run part time this can take a couple of days or so.

Contact us at:-
Rosemary Harrison-Smith
Historical Clock and Watch Research
150 Moreland Avenue

About clockswatches.co.uk

This web site, run by Rosemary Harrison-Smith with the help of Tony Harrison-Smith FBHI, was started in 1997 and it holds information that we have found about various clock and watchmakers, and so far has 35,758 records in its database. The information comes from listings published in books and trade directories that we have in our library, giving dates that makers are known to have been working. At the moment, the database includes 31,947 individual trade directory entries from 363 trade directories and more detailed biographies for 4266 makers and retailers.

The information is not necessarily all there is to know about the maker, but it is a digest of all we have found in our researches. 
We specialise in British and Irish makers.