Maker, A of Townville

(This is a sample page showing the sort of information available on this web site. The information shown here is fictitious and is an example of a page with a single date on it. These pages are listed in the index with the note that only a single date was found.)

A Maker only appears in an 1841 trade directory at Main Street, Townville. He does not appear in any other books or census returns that we can find


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Known Trade Directory listings from trade directories that we have currently catalogued

Name Address Town Comments Trade Directory

Due to the dynamic nature of the addition of Trade Directories to our library, these results may show additional dates to the text above.
Some maker's names may have a number after them, i.e. Doe, John(1). This means that the maker was listed at more than one address in a trade directory so we have highlighted this to show that the different addresses have been proved to be the same maker.

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1841 Slaters Directory of Townville



The above information and dates are correct to the best of our knowledge based on the current books etc in our library at the time this page was last written or amended. Please be aware that any dates given are not necessarily the start and finish dates of this maker, they are just the dates that it is likely that he was working based on the information we have found. These are taken from trade directories etc and it is quite possible that they were working for longer periods than shown above.  



This web site, was run by Rosemary Harrison-Smith with the help of Tony Harrison-Smith FBHI, was started in 1997 and it held information that we have found about various clock and watchmakers, and has 0 records in its database. The information comes from listings published in books and trade directories that we had in our library, giving dates that makers are known to have been working. The database includes 0 individual trade directory entries from 0 trade directories and more detailed biographies for 0 makers and retailers.

The information is not necessarily all there is to know about the maker, but it is a digest of all we have found in our researches. 
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