Masters, John Neve Ltd., of Rye, Sussex.

Masters, John Neve Ltd., of Rye. This Retail Jeweller, born in Tenterden, Kent in the spring of 1846, was the son of a watchmaker – John Masters of Tenterden. He started working as a journeyman for Whitehead in Sevenoaks, Kent in 1864 and in 1869 he took over the business of C. F. Lewns in Rye, Sussex. The company sold clocks and English and imported watches as well as jewellery.

In the 1851 census a 5 year old John Neve Masters was living with his family at High Street, Tenterden; - John Masters (33) watchmaker and silversmith, his wife Elizabeth Neve Masters (35) and John Neve (5), Fanny (3), Anne Neve (1), James Clair (28) journeyman watchmaker, Ann T Millines (18) general servant and Elizabeth Dunster (18) nurse maid.

John was still living at home at High Street, Tenterden now age 15 in the 1861 census;- John Masters (42) watchmaker and jeweller, wife Elizabeth N. (44), John N. (15) watchmakers son, Fanny (12), Henry (8), Elizabeth (6), Thomas (4), Catherine R.(2), Thirza A Burden (17) nurse maid and Harriett E Burden (14) house servant.

The 1871 census shows John had left home and moved to Rye. He was living at 21 High Street with his sister as housekeeper;- John N Masters (25) watchmaker Master employing 1 man and 1 apprentice and sister Marie W Masters (19).

John advertised in the 1868 the Sussex trade directory as trading as a watchmaker at 21 High Street, Rye, then in 1890 and 1891 as a watch and clock maker at 95 High Street, Rye. In 1899 he was listed as J. N. Masters Lim of 95 High Street, Rye as a watch and clock maker and also as a jeweller but the abbreviation changed to J. N. Masters Ltd. and this was used for the 1905 listing when he occupied numbers 8, 9 and 95 High Street, Rye. The 1911 and 1915 directories show the address as 8 and 9 High Street, Rye under watch and clock makers but no listing appears under jewellers.

In 1881, according to the census, John (35) unmarried, living at High Street, Rye. His trade is Watchmaker Employing 1 Assistant & 2 Apprentices, with him are Rosa Bradford (50), Housekeeper and Augustus J. Whitehead (19), Watchmakers Assistant.

By the 1891 census John has moved to 95 High Street, Hope House and has married Kate Fuller. Listed at the address are;- John N Masters(45) watch maker and proprietor of Hope magazine, wife Kate (42), Herbert J. (7), Kate F.(2) and domestic servant Jane Tillman (22). In 1893 he became Mayor of Rye.

In the 1901 census the family have moved to Hastings and are listed at “Craigholme” Baldslow Road. John N. Masters (55)Governing Director, wife Kate(52), Herbert J. (19) Articled Accountants Clerk, Kate F. (12), Winnifred N. (9), Kate Fellows (37)housekeeper (companion), Kate E Eade (18) housekeeper. In 1921 and 1924 he published his ‘Reminiscences’ (although I have not found any copies of them yet!).

The 1911 census shows the family living at; -  Clifton House, East Street, Rye and those listed are;- John Neve Masters (65) Widowed, Jeweller Manager of Masters Ltd, Herbert John (27)accountant, Kate Fuller (22)engraver, Winnfred Nove (19).

John N Masters died in April 1928 at the age of 82. The death was registered in Rye, Sussex.

Two brand names used on his watches were Coastguard and Veracity.

Known Trade Directory listings from trade directories that we have currently catalogued

NameAddressSectionCommentsTrade Directory
Masters, J.Tenterden 1855 PO Directory of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex & Surrey
Masters, J.High Street, TenterdenWatch & Clock Makers 1851 PO directory of six counties - Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex

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Known Published Photos or articles

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The Clockmakers Of Sussex, pp23, shows a full page advertisement for the company, date unknown.

Pocket Watches 19th & 20th Century;-
pp 103, shows photos of the ‘Coastguard Watch’, hallmarked 1876 and signed ‘JN Masters Rye’ and ‘English Made’.
pp 124, shows a ‘Veracity Watch’ hallmarked 1897 and signed ‘JN Masters Rye’ and ‘English Made’.
pp 125 shows the same advert as in The Clockmakers Of Sussex.

Sources (see Links page for details of places to obtain copies of the sources listed below)

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1898 Verascity watch

photos by

Stephen Horsfall

(photo ref:2030)

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