Frodsham, Charles of London

The company started by Charles Frodsham is still trading today. Their website at gives a good history of the company and their founder. The history can be found under the 'Museum Archives' section on their home page.

Known Trade Directory listings from trade directories that we have currently catalogued

NameAddressSectionCommentsTrade Directory
Frodsham, Charles7 Finsbury Pavement, LondonWatch Makersand chronometer makers1841 Post Office Directory of London
Frodsham, Charles84 Strand, LondonClock MakersChurch clock makers and watchmakers. By special appointment to Her majesty the Queen & T.R.H. the Prince & Princess of Wales, maker of clocks of every description: successor to Arnold, 1843 and to Vulliamy 1864.Only place of business 84 Strand WC.1882 Post Office Directory of London
Frodsham, Charles84 Strand, LondonChronometer Makersclockmaker to Her Majesty the Queen & H.R.H the Prince of Wales, maker of marine & pocket chronometers, awarded the admiralty prize of £170 for excellency of marine chronometers; Admiralty first prise premium 1871; Only place of business 84 Strand WC1882 Post Office Directory of London
Frodsham, Charles84 Strand, LondonWatch Makersand Clock Makers. Maker of Chronometers, watches, chronographs, astronomical & turret clockss. By special appointments, superintendent of Her Majesty's clocks at Buckingham Palace, clockmaker to the Queen & T.R.H. the Prince & Princess of Wales; succ1882 Post Office Directory of London

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Known Published Photos or articles

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1841 Post Office Directory of London
1882 Post Office Directory of London


Advert from the 1887 Kelly's Directory of Berkshire
(photo ref:1476)

Advert from 1885 Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire
(photo ref:1512)

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