Watson, Walter of Altrincham

This maker is not listed in our reference materials. If you have any information on him/them then please let us know

Only one of our books mentions the name Watson, Walter of Altrincham and it gives the single date of c1800. The trade directories we have cover various dates between 1822 and 1914 but there is no mention of his name.

Email recieved;- This clock is by Walter Watson of Altrincham, although the name is quite faint due to never being restored. It had been kept in storage by the previous owner for many years and came into my possession when his storage was lost and he had a clear out.

He was told the clock came from a house sale in Mobberley, Cheshire just after the second world war, the manor house was being demolished in order to build a new house.

After doing a little research into this I have discovered that the manor was called Hobcroft house and was the family home of the local vicar and his family as was the new parsonage built on the site.

The vicar was called Herbert Leigh Mallory, he had two sons and two older daughters. The youngest son - Trafford Leigh Mallory became the Vice Air Marshall of the RAF in WW2 and the oldest son George Herbert Leigh Mallory became the famous Mt Everest mountaineer who died near its summit in 1922.

Unfortunately, I don't have any proof of all this at the moment but it makes for an interesting story if nothing else.

The clock itself is in extremely good unrestored condition and still runs.

It is a large clock standing 95" without the finials. The case is of flame mahogany with detailed inlays and carvings. The movement is by R.Hipkiss of Birmingham. (webmasters note; - dial maker Richard Hipkiss of Suffolk Street, Birmingham 1808-11)

All parts seem to be original and are complete.

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Brian Loomes, Watchmakers & Clockmakers Of The World Complete 21st Century Edition, Pub NAG ISBN-13:978-0-7198-0330-7


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(photo ref:2009)

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