Frazor, John of Worcester, Worcestershire.

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John Frazor was ais to have been the finest of Worcestershires makers. He used several spellings of his surname including - Frazer, Fraser,Frazor, and Frazzer. He was born about 1667, probably in London and apprenticed to Edward Eyston of the Clockmakers Company in 1681 but not freed. In 1688 he set up in business in Worcester.

On the 21st of May 1691 he married Anne Murray at St. Martin in the Fields and then moved to the city of Worcester.

The date of his death is not known but he was buried on the 21st of February 1738/9 by his widow, Winifred (his second wife). His will described him as a goldsmith and was dated December 1727 and proved in March 1739. He left  a son, Thomas and five daughters

Longcase clocks, lantern clocks and bracket clock by him are known.

Single hand 30 hour and a guess at 1780 ( but thats only a guess) it is in an oak case with brass dial and silvered chapter ring.

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Loomes, Brian, Clockmakers of Britain 1286 - 1700, Mayfield Books, ISBN 978-0-9554460-7-8



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