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This web site, run by Rosemary Harrison-Smith with the help of Tony Harrison-Smith FBHI, was started in 1997 and it holds information that we have found about various clock and watchmakers, and so far has 35,758 records in its database. The information comes from listings published in books and trade directories that we have in our library, giving dates that makers are known to have been working. At the moment, the database includes 31,947 individual trade directory entries from 363 trade directories and more detailed biographies for 4193 makers and retailers.

The information is not necessarily all there is to know about the maker, but it is a digest of all we have found in our researches. 
We specialise in British and Irish makers.

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Trade Directory Listings

Trade directory listings form the bulk of the website.  In the indexes and search results they will appear like this:-

directory listing

When you click on the link, assuming you have subscribed, a page showing all the trade directories applicable will be displayed. To try and catch any miss-spellings in the trade directories, we list all the directories in that county that start with the first 3 letters of the name you selected. The example shown below was for a link to 'Maker, J.'

Trade directory details

If you click on the directory link it will give you a scan of the directory page that the listing came from.

trade directory scan

About 90% of our directories are scanned. The missing ones are from our early days where I did not keep a copy of them when I went to the libraries. This option is only available for those who have a day or annual subscription.

If you click the maker's name then it will take you to a page where you can request a more detailed search for information about this maker. An example of the sort of information we can find is shown on the next page. Note if you have used the 'single page' option or the 'day' subscription there will be a charge for this service. If you have the annual subscription it is included in that subscription.





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