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This web site, run by Rosemary Harrison-Smith with the help of Tony Harrison-Smith FBHI, was started in 1997 and it holds information that we have found about various clock and watchmakers, and so far has 35,758 records in its database. The information comes from listings published in books and trade directories that we have in our library, giving dates that makers are known to have been working. At the moment, the database includes 31,947 individual trade directory entries from 363 trade directories and more detailed biographies for 4161 makers and retailers.

The information is not necessarily all there is to know about the maker, but it is a digest of all we have found in our researches. 
We specialise in British and Irish makers.

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Detailed Maker's Listings

These pages show the results of any detailed research we have done on a maker. They can be just a single date or a more detailed listing. Some makers are very elusive and only ever appear in a single directory and we can then only give a single known date for them. The maker's details page is divided into several sections.

The main section is a digest of everything we can find about them in our books, our trade directories and on ancestry websites. For some of the very famous makers this is a very condensed version of the career as the full version would take several pages. Where possible we do list all the books that give greater details of their career. An example of a maker's details would be:-

Main Section


The next section lists any major articles or photos of work by the maker. Unfortunately we cannot replicate most of them on the page as that would breach UK copyright laws, but at least you can get the books or magazines from the library or off the internet. The details of the publication will be shown in the sources list on the page.


Known Photos

The next section is a list of all the trade directories on the website that this maker is listed in. As you saw on the previous page it is usually possible to view a scan or the original trade directory page if you are an annual subscriber. This section is very dynamic and can include records that show dates outside the text on the rest of the page. This is because we are adding trade directory entries far faster than we can update the maker's details.

Trade Directories list

The last two sections will be the list of sources we used to compile the page and any photos that people have sent in to us showing work from this maker.

You can see a sample page here.


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